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TAHL Engineering

TAHL ENGINEERING NIGERIA LIMITED, is a fast growing private limited liability company .Since its founding in 2011, TAHL ensures the highest level of quality and consistency, we focus our services on core market sectors that reflect the strength and talent of our staff. TAHL Engineering has forged a reputation within the engineering and construction community for its technical knowledge, rigorous standards and fresh approach as design engineers and construction consultants. TAHL takes pride in the integrity and technical application of our services and strive to accomplish the goals of each Client.

TAHL Engineering Nigeria Limited prides itself in its experienced, professional, effective and efficient staff inclusive of civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental engineers, surveyors, planners, and construction inspectors. Our Engineers are involved all through the construction process to present to our clients high-performance buildings that are energy efficient, environmental friendly, and efficient in terms of water use and indoor environmental quality. There are no finer examples of high quality and detailed works in Nigeria than the many buildings we have constructed over the years.