Tahl holdings

TAHL Facility Management

Sloan Facility Management offers integrated property and Facilities Management service as well as consultancy services. The company also provides services for operational processes, including operation, maintenance, and repair of electrical and mechanical installations; energy supply and management, planning and modernization of building services; HVAC maintenance, waste management, recycling as well as operation and maintenance of production technology, machines, and equipment.

It started as an initiative to make Nigeria a cleaner environment. With experienced staff and a dedicated management team, we seek to make sure that all hands are on deck when a service needs to be provided. With quiet a number of properties in our portfolio, we offer a wealth of experience in managing commercial facilities, educational, municipal facilities, buildings and real estate. The company serves various business segments, including airports/aviation, automotive, financial service providers/real estate investors, healthcare, venue management, public-private partnership, and chemical/pharmaceutical industries.